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Barbara Nark grew up on a two-family farm in Schoharie County, New York. Her childhood was filled with family and friends, hard-work and fun. Life on the farm shaped who she is as an artist today.

Barbara lived on the bottom floor of an old farmhouse with her father, mother, brother, and sister. Her father’s brother and wife lived upstairs with their four children. The two families were together for Barbara’s entire childhood. 

The farm was a busy enterprise with plenty to do. The families owned dairy cattle and a trucking business. At times they sharpened and sold cedar fence stakes. They even ran a small army surplus store. Of course, the farm was full of animals. There were cows, calves, dogs, cats, turkeys, and pigs. There were even raccoons, turtles, fish, horses, birds and a pony.

The range of tasks necessary to run the farm taught Barbara that creativity is important to almost any medium of work. As an adult, she spent many years working in wood and stone building construction. She continued to refine her artistic instinct and creativity with this work. 

On her 5th birthday, a relative gave Barbara a Kodak Brownie Instamatic camera. This was the start of her love for photography. She started shooting animals and landscapes. Later, she photographed weddings and portraits. More recently she has been photographing local artists’ work for advertising and reproduction. She has also shot instruments and musicians for album covers and promotional materials. Her work has won several awards.

Being creative has always been an important part of Barbara’s life. Growing up on the farm and working in many creative mediums has refined her artistic capabilities. It has instilled in her a deep artistic sensitivity. Photography and music are the dominant means she uses to explore and express her artistic sense.

Barbara looks forward to spending the next chapter of her life creating even more art and music. She sees endless possibilities to explore.